Love heals, let it grow!


Love heals, let it grow!

Become the gardener in your life.

Grow love

as you stack the dishes

walk in the street

stand at the check-out.

It’s said that love

is an overused word

a valueless currency

an empty promise.

I said such things myself

until divine Love

pruned the inner critic

and I began to love, just love!

Love clears the wasteland

plants tiny seeds

nurtures first growth

gives strength, opens petals.

Sometimes, we feel barren

with so little to give —

yet as love flourishes anew

we gather a  harvest to share.

Love grows and flows when

we are moved with compassion

for the homeless, the hungry,

the sick, and the brokenhearted.

Maybe it seems there is too

much pain and need

and anger for us to

ever make a difference.

But faith the size of a mustard seed

moves mountains

when we let it grow

and love one another as we are loved.

©Pam Twiss, July 2015